JW Benson 5-part case
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Thread: JW Benson 5-part case

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    JW Benson 5-part case

    I just finished doing some minor work on this one, changed the setting lever and cleaned up the bezel which some moron had tried to lever off (it screws in). I don't think I'm going to be able to, er, part with it... Cyma/Tavannes 03* series movement I believe. Needs a replacement lens but that's about all.
    The hallmark at the top appears to have an "F B" and a key symbol. I was under the impression that FB stood for "Freres Borgel" which doesn't compute. Anyone able to interpret the hallmarks for me?


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    Re: JW Benson 5-part case

    I'll try to answer my own question, or at least David B. will
    Tavannes, Schwob Frères and Cyma
    It's really a Schwob or a Cyma or possibly even a "Pringle".
    A watch that by any other name...
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    Re: JW Benson 5-part case

    What doesn't compute? It's a Borgel case (FB stands for Francois, not Freres Borgel), with Glasgow imported silver hallmarks, dating to 1934.
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    Re: JW Benson 5-part case

    I shall now go and lash myself with a flail, so chagrined am I.
    The only Borgel cases I previously recall seeing are the "Borgel" type of which I have a few examples. And I recalled that there were two people at the inception of the company who I upgraded to brotherhood. To offer you further, no doubt immensely satisfying, evidence of my woeful ignorance, I wasn't aware thar JW Benson was simply a retailer's name: I'd always thought of them as an English "manufacturer". There seems to be no bottom to my stupidity.*
    Nice watch though, eh?

    No, it wasn't me that attempted to lever off the bezel...
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    Re: JW Benson 5-part case

    The case was done by F. Borgel, using a patent by Schwob Freres & Co (SFC)
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    regards enrico
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