K.Serkisoff & Co Gold Dial Ottoman Pocket Watch

Thread: K.Serkisoff & Co Gold Dial Ottoman Pocket Watch

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    K.Serkisoff & Co Gold Dial Ottoman Pocket Watch

    In the 1800's Ottoman Empire became a big market for the watch maker companies. I am not sure about the date of this pocket watch was made.

    This pocket watch has a "Tombak Gold" dial and Billodes movement.
    To make this dial, 24 karat gold pieces were melted in cyanide and was brushed on brass or silver. Making this kind of gold was a very risky and dangerous hand craft.
    They stopped making this kind of hand work pieces about 100 years ago because of the deaths due to poisonous vapors of cyanid. Therefore, during the Ottoman Empire times tombak gold products were more valuable then the gold products. These kind of gold products were used by people who live in the palace or who had relations with the palace.

    This pocket watch has 0.800K silver case. Hand made Gold dial with silver flower ornaments which are called pen work. ( I got the dial cleaned - the last photo) It is key wounded and has a Billodes movement inside. If anybody has more info for the watch or the date it was made I would love to learn.
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    Re: K.Serkisoff & Co Gold Dial Ottoman Pocket Watch

    Looks similar to the other Billodes watch and probably the same vintage.
    Can you photograph the inside of the back cover for any hallmarks that could help?

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    Re: K.Serkisoff & Co Gold Dial Ottoman Pocket Watch

    I can only back that up - in many ways identical to the one you showed previously. Key wound and set, a small arabic inscription on the movement, Billodes movement.....

    Hartmut Richter

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