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Thread: King Seiko Question - Experts Only

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    King Seiko Question - Experts Only

    Lately I've become interested in early King Seikos for their cool, sleek 60s design and unique history, the 2nd generation models, like this: I believe the models numbers to look out for are 44999 and 44-9990. King Seiko also produced similar looking chronometer versions, the rare 49999 and 4420-9990, which tend to go for crazy money on auction websites. Here's my question which I'm hoping someone can answer definitively - are the chronometer versions larger than the others? I've seen pictures and comments that seem to indicate so, and have even seen them listed at almost 37mm w/o crown, which is huge for a vintage watch, and would look almost contemporary with the thin bezel and large dial design. Any insight appreciated.

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    Re: King Seiko Question - Experts Only

    Worth asking in the Seiko forum too?
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    Re: King Seiko Question - Experts Only

    I don't have KS, but my Grand Seiko 4522-8000 is 36.5mm without crown. I wouldn't call it a "huge size" for vintage GS/KS, I'd say it's more like an average size for them.
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    Re: King Seiko Question - Experts Only

    The non-chronometer 44-9990 like the one in your photo is 36.6mm, so why are you asking if the chronometer version is larger at 37mm? Makes no sense. 0.4mm is a trivial difference.
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