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    I was in Montana a few year's ago went to go see my Dad and I looked up on the NAWCC web site and found the NAWCC email address for the chapter in that area of Montana so I email them to see when they meet they only meet a few times a year they also have a mart when they do and it was in the time frame when I was down there so I went to it I am going to be moving down there when I retire so I thought I would check it out it was a good meeting they had a guy down from the state of washington talking about Howard's one of my favorite watches I dont buy a lot of clocks I am mainly a watch collector this cought my eye and the price was right we had to go back and forth on it but we were both happy it's a Kroeber tear drop alaska C-1888,8 day strike,walnut,spring patd.june23+Oct6 1874 has partial label on back I like the lion head on the front the Kroeber clock company was in New York City made clocks from 1864 to 1904
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