Ladies Vintage Pendant watch opinions

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    Ladies Vintage Pendant watch opinions

    Hey Everyone,

    My wife would like a vintage pendant watch she can wear as a necklace for christmas. I have been looking on ebay but am unfamilar with alot of the brands currently up for auction. Anyone have an thoughts on brands I should stay away from (incase of needing repair)
    I am thinking anything made by elgin would be a good choice but not 100% sure

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Ladies Vintage Pendant watch opinions

    I have ran across many over the years, and while I can't say which brand would be a good one, I would say to try and find a nice 17 jewel one in a nice case that is maybe stainless steel or gold plated. Most of the ones I have run across are 1 jewel watches in aluminum cases.

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    Re: Ladies Vintage Pendant watch opinions

    Yes, these pendant watches were really sold as costume jewellery and many were of low quality as they were not 'serious' timepieces. I agree with Ron, look for one with 17 jewels and - providing its running OK - the brand shouldn't matter too much. You should be able to find one in nice condition - a lot weren't worn all the time and ended up in a drawer.

    For example, this one looks good
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