Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?
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Thread: Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

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    Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

    Hello all,
    I picked this up in a lot off the Bay, not for this in particular, more for the Croton W/W. Anyways, I read on a NAWCC message thread, that these "Lake Shore" P/W's were a SWISS railroad "fake". Not that I am even going to attempt to do anything with this, I believe it is too far gone for my liking, but just wanted to make sure that this is the case on this. BTW, I like how they strategically placed the word "SWISS" in the decoration...lolThanks in advance.

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    Re: Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

    In this case u think they might be right. But one reason I spend so little time on NAWCC is that virtually every time someone posts a Swiss pocket watch it will get labelled a Swiss fake.
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    Re: Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

    I suspect you'll find this is a roskopff pin-lever movement; that "center" jewel is a decoration with nothing underneath it (there is no "center" wheel in a roskpoff arrangment; the hands are driven directly off the mainspring barrel). This is a "true" swiss fake in that it's specifically designed to mimic the look and quality of a high-grade American watch whilst being nothing of the sort. The funny thing about calling it a swiss fake is that the "faking" actually occured by Americans in America. This watch would likely have been imported as a relatively honest low-grade pin lever. The damasked plate you see there was added after. I'm curious to know if the visible crown and ratchet wheels actually do anything; notice how there's no click? they may be just for show too.

    By the way, I LOVE these movements; as watches they're utter crap, but as conversation pieces, they're priceless!
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    Re: Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

    I just found a watch on an auction website with the SAME serial number. Do you still have yours? I assume the one I am looking at is fake since the number is the same>

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    Re: Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?

    No, not this one again!

    From a dead thread of answers yahoo:

    'Does anyone know how old my pocketwatch is?
    I was given a pocket watch my Grandfather owned. I want to know a little more about it. 21 Jewels, Lakeshore pocket watch. 3 adjustments, heat and cold. The number is 816,527'

    @tekwrite: Do you mean this one here:

    Swiss Fake Early 1900s Lake Shore Gold Filled Pocket Watch | eBay
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