Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought
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Thread: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

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    Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought


    I'm new here and I wondered if anyone could direct me to a place where I could identify and maybe date approximately the watch I have been given by my Stepmother as my Dad died 10 days ago. He was wearing it when they met in 1975 and they married 3 weeks later on 1st April 1975! Is there a site where I can see all the styles from that era ? I can't see a way to post a pic here but the case is silver colour, the face is Matt silver, black hands, red second hand and all the numbers are shown and in black. Thanks. I hope this isn't off-topic. Andrew - Ludlow, UK

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    Re: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

    Hi Andrew, welcome to the site, and I'm very sorry for your loss.

    The best way to identify your watch is to attach a picture. If you can't upload a picture by clicking on the icons in the editing box, then post a link to the watch on an image hosting site. That's probably the best way to have it identified.

    I'm glad you've got the watch. Is it a mechanical watch, or does it run on batteries (quartz)? Either way, if it hasn't been serviced in a while, probably best to not run it until you know what you have, and can find the proper person to give it a service. Given that it belonged to your dad, it's priceless so we should be able to help you find the proper person to work on it and maintain it's worth to you.

    Good luck and looking forward to the pictures.

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    Re: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

    Welcome to the forum Andrew. As noted by rfortson a photo or two would be most helpful.

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    Re: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

    Sorry for repeating what has already been said. We need pictures at first, solving this problem at your end first will be the most effective way to move on. You might not be able to post images because you have not enought posts (I forgot how this once worked, it's too long ago). After inserting your text, you have to go to 'advanced' and follow the instructions and upload your image from your computer. You can also use an external service with the link in your post. If possible (depending on the case back and your skills) we would also need an image of the movement to go further. Incabloc on the dial simply refers to the type (maker) of the shock protection inside.


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    Re: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

    As mentioned above, Lanco was a brand made by Langendorf, a 20th century Swiss watch company. "Incabloc" is simply the name of the shock protection system used in the watch, so it is basically advertising that the watch is shockproof, it is not a model name and doesn't identify the watch. Most likely, the watch has no particular model name, but if you take good, clear, in-focus, high-resolution photos, the members here may be able to make an educated guess about when it was made, simply based upon the style. However, your best bet is to take it to a watch repair place and have them open up the watch so you can take pictures of the inside, the movement and the inside of the case-back. That is where the most useful identifying information is. Then once you have all those photos, figure out how to post them.
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    Re: Lanco incabloc 1975 or before - help sought

    I can tell you that Lanendorf and Company were huge at the end of the C19th. In 1965 they were purchased by Omega / Tissot and in 1973 the Lanco factory closed. From there on, the internet gets fuzzy. It seems that production continued until the late 70's or very early 80's.

    I have a couple of Lancos. They're a very good brand that no one outside of watch collecting circles seems to remember.

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