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    Confused Lanco - Pocket Watch

    Good afternoon!

    My mother just gave me a pocket watch that belonged to my great-grandfather.
    The watch is a Lanco and it's still working. The Crystal is a little bit dirty (which is normal for an 80-year-old watch) but I don't know how to open it so I can clean it up a little.

    I know how to access the movement, but I'm afraid to damage it. Can someone over here give me a "tutorial" on how to remove the crystal (without taking the mechanism out or is it impossible?)

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Lanco - Pocket Watch

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    Re: Lanco - Pocket Watch

    There's little point in removing the crystal/bezel. If it's scratched it will be on the outside, no real reason to access the inside of the crystal. If it's an acrylic (plastic) crystal it could be readily polished. If glass, it would need to be replaced, (and fitting a new crystal is something that needs experience to be done correctly).

    The front bezel doesn't look to have a hinge, (as does the caseback. If there is a hinge then it would open as per the back). No hinge, and it's likely a snap bezel, (in fact, I think I see a gap for a case knife in your side profile pic). Snap bezels are opened by inserting the knife blade to separate the bezel from the case.

    The inner caseback will have a lip or thin gap where it a case knife can be inserted to hinge it open to reveal the movement.
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