Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)
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Thread: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

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    Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Someone in Italy claims that Lanco watches are not collectible because they are low quality products.
    I cannot certainly deny that the average production was in some way penalized by the use of chrome cases, but this was a fairly common practice. The in house movements were perhaps not "refined", but they equipped robust watches that had to be on the wrist of normal people for normal daily use.
    However, the company was not so scarce if it produced - for example - the only alarm watch whose functions are all regulated solely by the crown. Omega also had the same opinion and for almost ten years tried to acquire the company, succeeding only in 1970, almost a hundred years after the Langendorf birth.
    That merger brought the "Idea Watch" in dowry to Omega/SSIH, a watch with a plastic movement from which derived the Swatch, savior of the Swiss watchmaking and the Tissot Astrolon.

    As usual, generalizations donít work and an assessment of individual products should be made before throwing an entire brand into the trash.

    Here are some examples that I consider worthy of attention

    FB stainless steel case

    Almost 80 years, chrome case, diameter 39,5mm

    Maybe this is inspired by a Prince ...but I think with a lot of dignity, even in the nickel/chromin poverty

    A beautiful black dial in a generously sized case, 26x36mm

    Another stainless stell "giant"; 23x46mm

    Two-tone dial

    And here is the famous alarm watch; how much would such a dial cost today? Diameter 36mm

    I hope these watches are always considered not collectible, so I can buy them at great prices

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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    If someone in Italy, somewhere between Alto Adige and Sicilia, claims 'that Lanco watches are not collectible because they are low quality products', they could add onother 250 brands to the list of similar quality. Perhaps someone had a bit too much of vino rosso.

    This one from my collection is an automatic from 1973 (the year of their 100th anniversary and the year they had to close the shop), with an Omega movement caliber 148, when Lanco was part of the Omega/Tissot group.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)


    No Langendorferer pocket watch love?
    Courtesy of ULF.

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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Lanco was founded in 1873 by Victor Kottmann.

    In 1887, they became so successful (after some troubled years before), that they couldn't meet the demand for their products. A few years after, they were most likely the largest producers of watches IN THE WORLD.

    Kart Kottmann died suddenly and unexpeted in 1890. Lucien TiŤche took over, the head of production, until Ernst Kottmann came along in 1902, but due to health reasons, he had to step down again. His brother Rudolf Kottmann had to take over. In 1964 Guido Kottmann was head of the board of management, just because Hans Kottmann was killed in a car accident.

    In 1970 they became part of the Omega/Tissot group and made it to their 100th anniversary in 1973, the year they closed the shop.
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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    I only have the one Lanco but itís a little beauty

    Okay itís only a plated case but at the time it was made, mid 1940ís at a guess, that was nothing unusual and itís held up really well for a seventy year old. The combination of water and shock proofing would have made this quite a desirable little watch in its day.


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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Probably did not win any quality contests but still nice pieces :)
    Chaos is my focus

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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Name:  17E9C858-2A28-421B-9E0E-0E6EFEA206EC.jpeg
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    Name:  11EC601B-0CE8-4256-A447-DC0AB2A9803F.jpeg
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    Stainless case NSAish bracelet and Tissot 784-2 not bad in my books.

    Sorry for the crap pictures ...
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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Another thumbs up for Langendorf/Lanco from me.
    I only have one watch of theirs though.
    A nice condition 1950`s model
    Name:  IMG_20171210_123640729.jpg
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    As a Roamer watch fan I was interested to read some time ago that the two men involved with the foundation of MST(later to become called Roamer ) had worked at Kottmann`s (later becoming Langendorf) and Langendorf .
    That info coming courtesy of Mirius`s website.
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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Ever since I purchased a Lanco Fon some years ago, I've had a soft spot for Lanco watches... bought two more after that.

    Name:  IMG_3649.JPG
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    Definitely not "second grade"!!!
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    Re: Lanco - A second grade brand? (many pics)

    Arguably their most popular model amongst vintage collectors is the funky Barracuda diver from the '60s. They were produced in both single and double crown cases.

    Here is one of mine with a 'stardust' dial...

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