latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

Thread: latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

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    Question latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

    Hey Guys, picked this one up recently off the bay. there was no movement shot, so i didnt know what to expect. Upon opening it up this morning i was pleasantly surprised to find a high quality movement in good condition with an early form of shock protection.

    I would really appreciate it if some one could give me an idea of the movement calibre as well as some brand info on bonheur and 'basis watch'

    Here are some quick and dirty shots:

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

    Very nice!

    Mikrolisk gives:

    Bonheur as a brand of Didisheim-Goldschmidt.

    I'm more familiar with Basis making cheap chronos or faux-chronos. Perhaps they made cases as well.
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    Re: latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

    Hmmmm! I wonder whether the Ditisheim of Ditisheim-Goldschmidt has anything to do with the Robert Ditisheim who invented the Vulcain Cricket Cal. 120. The fact of the matter is that that's a Phenix movement, probably Cal. 130 (Stop):

    Phenix was part of the M.S.R. group that included Revue (Thommen), Phenix, Vulcain and Buser - hence my train of thought. If Bonheur was connected with this group, it would have been easier for them to get a Phenix movement.

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    Re: latest catch - Bonheur 1945 (help needed)

    That xtal sure looks like it needs a replacement, hope you considered that when bidding

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