Le Phare Kaliber 128 VCC 19''' chronograph
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Thread: Le Phare Kaliber 128 VCC 19''' chronograph

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    Le Phare Kaliber 128 VCC 19''' chronograph

    History Le Phare Watch Co: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-1940s-L...-/170674436554

    Founded in 1888 at Le Locle high in the Neuchatel Mountains, the LE PHARE watch manufactory, which later on gave birth to the Jean d'Eve watch range, has left its mark on the story of Swiss watchmaking. Indeed, it had key and outstanding position in watchmaking in latest of 18th century due to the rewarding of 3 Gold medals at world class exhibitions in 1896, 1889 and 1906. 1970, it became the second largest producer of chronograph watch in Switzerland. The company, not content to rest on its laurels, continued to develop.
    1888- The company BARBEZAT-BAILLOT was founded at Le Locle. On November 30th 1888, Mr Charles Barbezat, who had been working in the family firm of Guye-Barbezat,set up his own factory. The products of the new company are sold under the brand name of LE PHARE. 1889- Universal Exhibition in Paris: LE PHARE won its first Gold Medal for the quality of its watches. 1896- National Exhibition in Geneva: Gold Medal was awarded to LE PHARE. 1897- C. Barbezat invents the "silent regulator", which eliminated the humming in repeater watches. The Barbezat-Baillot factory had 200 employees. The organizers of the Brussels International Exhibition appoints the Barbezal-Baillot management as member of its jury. 1900- LE PHARE repeater watches won the Grand Prix of the Paris Universal Exhibition. 1905- On March 3rd 1905, due to the success of the brand LE PHARE, the company name "Barbezat-Baillot" was changed to "LE PHARE". LE PHARE was appointed member of the Liege Universal Exhibition jury. 1906- Milan International Exhibition: the Gold Medal was awarded to LE PHARE. 1914- LE PHARE created and produced the official watch for the Geneva Cantonal Shooting Contest. A Gold Medal was won at the National Exhibition in Bern. 1915- The Swiss army, mobilized under the orders of General Ulrich Wille, requisition LE PHARE which was turned into factory to make uniform trousers. 1925- LE PHARE markets its first watches under the name of Memory. 1928- LE PHARE won the 3rd prize in the Neuchtel observatory contests with its pocket chronometers. 1931- LE PHARE took part in the first Watch, Clock and Jewelry Fair at Basel. 1936- The company specializes itself into designing and manufacturing complicated watches: chronograph-timers, repeater watches, Lpine repeating-slide and pushbutton, hunter repeating-slide and pushbutton, date watches and wristwatches.
    1939- With limited space in its Le Locle premises, LE PHARE decides to move its factory to La Chaux-de-Fonds.
    1940- LE PHARE changed ownership. 1950- LE PHARE - SULTANA SA was founded. 1961- LE PHARE transfers its offices to 96 Avenue Lopold-Robert. This building was once used for an exhibition of Swiss watch production in 1932. 1970- LE PHARE was Switzerland's second largest producer of chronographs. 1977- The first watch made of stone was sold under the name "montre Galet". 1981- Jean d'Eve brand is launched and Italy becomes its first market for Export. 1982- Jean d'Eve UK becomes the first distributor of the brand abroad. 1983- LE PHARE acquires a bracelet and case factory, this being the firs step of a vertical expansion strategy of the company. 1984- April 12th, the company name is changed to LE PHARE JEAN D'EVE S.A. Lean d'Eve enjoys immediate succes with exclusive up-market models such as the Sectora, Up-Side-Down, Blue Marlin, etc... 1986- LE PHARE JEAN D'EVE S.A. renews its brand image with the slogan "The artistic interpretation of time". 1987- The company counts 48 distributors worldwide. 1988- LE PHARE JEAN D'EVE S.A. celebrates its 100th anniversary the revolutionary SAMARA, the first Automatic Quartz watch in the world. 1992- LE PHARE JEAN D'EVE S.A. changes ownership. 1996- Sectora Automatic is launched leading Jean d'Eve's exclusive retrograde system to a new era. 1999- Sectora 2000, the famous up-market model is given a new face and prominent quality improvement to mark the passage in good style into the third millennium. 2003- Samara 2, after 15 years of research and development, this new outstanding generation of the Samara is launched with a prolonged power reserve capacity and a more modern design.


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    Re: Le Phare Kaliber 128 VCC 19''' chronograph

    Nice watch, great info. Thanks for posting.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Le Phare Kaliber 128 VCC 19''' chronograph

    Quote Originally Posted by Hartmut Richter View Post
    Nice watch, great info. Thanks for posting.

    Hartmut Richter
    Absolutely +1

    "Failure is not an option" - Gene Kranz
    "Owning a vintage watch is great, understanding where it sits in Horology is magnificent"
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