Lecoultre 1970 Memovox 916 calibre

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    Lecoultre 1970 Memovox 916 calibre

    I am looking for parts to have my father's watch repaired.
    I need a clutch wheel, a set wheel, and a crystal. He has cancer and I would like to have this watch repaired for a father's day gift.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank you.
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    Re: Lecoultre 1970 Memovox 916 calibre

    Nice watch - very "seventies"! The best bet would probably be to contact JLC or one of their representatives directly. They will almost certainly be able to help you since the movement was in use until very recently (if it isn't still). The downside will be cost - it is usually more expensive to go to the maker rather than some independent watchmaker. However, the total price may still be within acceptable limits.

    Good luck and all the best to your father!

    Hartmut Richter

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