Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?
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Thread: Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?

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    Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?

    i just got this nice to me vintage Lemania and i need your help with some knoledge i do not have :)

    1.judging by the pictures, has this dial radium painted on hours? or hands?

    2. the year of the watch... on the dial is signed CCC - Civil Conservation Corps wich took place from 1932 to 1942.
    It is safe to presume that this watch was made between 1939 and 1941?
    in december1941 USA was attacked in WWII and the budget, resources and men where leaving this program for sustaining the war effort... so i am thinking that CCC will no longer have budget in 1942 to buy and give watches to their personall. Is the signed case 192 G 36 somehow helping my theory??

    3. The movement - it his very similar with Lemania 27S (or 2990?), but this one have one-pice big plate and this one not:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Lemania S27
    Is it still Lemania 2990?

    (the pictures are from the seller, i did not maked my own - after the service i will)

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    Re: Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?

    Radium it is - as is the case with any (well, promethium lume was also used, but quite rarely) lumed watch made before 1960.
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    Re: Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?

    I personally have an FHF 96 with 3/4 plate instead of two separate bridges so these things can happen. In addition, your movement is the basis for the CH27 movement that went into the Omega "Moonwatch" - and the chronograph version also has a 2/3 plate. I suspect that you have identified the movement more or less correctly and that this is for some reason a slightly deviant version.

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Lemania CCC 1939-1941 (?): is the dial with radium?

    Thank You for answers :)

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