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    Lemania Pocket Stopwatch

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. I went through my father's old things and found this Lemania Pocket Stopwatch. I looked everywhere online to find a manual or something about this watch. Can someone please tell me how to work this watch and history of it or guide me to a website.

    Also, I spun the dial couple times times but when I depress it, it just spins and spins.

    Also if someone can recommend a place to service this watch in Los Angeles, California area would be great.

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    Re: Lemania Pocket Stopwatch

    Welcome to the forum. Your picture is rather large and possibly not showing entirely (the bottom bit seems cut off). If you could fix it, it would be great.

    Normally, in the absence of any buttons at the side, these things are operated by pushing the crown: start - stop - reset.

    Hartmut Richter

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