Leonidas chronograph
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Thread: Leonidas chronograph

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    Leonidas chronograph

    Dear all.

    I am, at least should like to be, hobby "watchmaker". But every day I discover how bad I am. Shame.
    For example, today I wanted to begin with this one. And, after 10 min. I gave up. Do not know how to take crown out, the movement from the case .... Do not laugh, I don't.
    So, can you help? What to do, how, which order. Everything helps. And thank you for help.

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    Re: Leonidas chronograph

    Start from the books ;)
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    Re: Leonidas chronograph

    Oh my word! - why would you want to trash a nice pocket chronograph?! You need at least the right equipment to go into this business (fine tweezers, fine screwdrivers, a decent movement holder, a tray to store all the little bits so they don't get lost, a tool to remove the hands.....). And even then, once you've got all that, you need some knowledge or something is bound to go wrong (e.g. putting the mainspring back into the barrel requires a tool - it can't just be jammed in).

    If you want to go into this business, I suggest that you start on pin lever movements. I'd also suggest that you invest the cash to go onto a weekend course that teaches the rudiments (I don't know about other countries but we have them in Germany - given by professional watchmakers as a sideline).

    The movement, in case you are intersted, is a Leonidas Cal. 19''' E (based on some Valjoux calibre or other). The details are here, ca. 2/3 of the way down the page:

    Uhrenhersteller "L"

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Leonidas chronograph

    If I'd have any observations about beginner amateur watchmaking, they'd be the same as with beginner amateur anything - never start a project without having gathered all the materials first. When one doesn't realise that, one usually learns it the hard way. It's like taking a seat on the porcelain throne, only to - post factum - learn that the paper's out.
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    Re: Leonidas chronograph

    The other thing before starting is to choose a project suited to a beginner. When you went to school did they teach you advanced algebra before they taught you how to count? That is a massively over complicated movement for anyone who has not yet mastered the basic skills of watchmaking.

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    Re: Leonidas chronograph

    Hi there,

    Quote Originally Posted by Split sec View Post
    ...Do not know how to take crown out, the movement from the case ....
    Lucky you! the manufacturer drilled a hole into the operating lever, to access the set-lever screw and release the stem. Without this hole you'd be really in trouble.
    But like others proposed: If you didn't notice this detail, better gather some how-to-do-without-disaster guidelines. The best of these are still made of paper (powdered and bleached wood).

    Regards, Roland Ranfft
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