Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?
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Thread: Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?

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    Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to vintage watch collecting and this is my first post on this site. I recently acquired an Elgin wristwatch in fairly rough shape with the crown at 3 and the sub-seconds hand at 9. I'm guessing this movement was made for a pocket watch but put in a wristwatch case. Is this a common find?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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    Re: Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?

    I think that this movement simply does not belong in this case. OK, there were some trench watches with a layout like that, but this looks more like a ladies' PW movement and dial in a 1940s/1950s wristwatch case.
    Generally, As to open face (lepine) movements being used in wristwatches- yes, such watches existed. Some 1930s Zenith watches were built with that layout.
    But the vast majority of lepine movement+ wristwatch case combinations out there are frankenwatches- mostly PW movemens, the original cases of which were destroyed for their gold or silver content, although often you'd find complete pocket watches, where wire lugs were attached to the case (yet another type of a franken, although the way they were altered can be reversed).
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    Re: Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?

    The thought crossed my mind that the movement and case could have met later in life but it's such a perfect fit I wondered if that was true. However, the case does have a 40s/50s look to it, especially the lugs, so what you said makes perfect sense. Thanks again!

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