Let me tell you a story
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Thread: Let me tell you a story

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    Let me tell you a story

    I was talking to my watchmaker the other day and he said, I have a watch you may be interested in, now that's a fateful thing to say, so here it is

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    Who was DRM I hear you say,

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    Captain Donald Robert Moffat TD
    58 Medium Regt, Royal artillery
    and former Solicitor from Ipswich

    My watchmaker, who is Second generation, knows the full history of this watch, the watch was given to Donald on his wedding day, he was wearing it when he died and it was returned to his widow with his other effects the top lug was damaged and his widow had it repaired, a repair that it still carries to this day, my watchmaker's father serviced this watch regularly for Donald's widow as she wore it every day until she died in 2002 the servicing was latterly performed by my watchmaker and he purchaced the watch in the estate sale he kept it for himself or as he put it until he could find the right custodian for it, I'm proud that he thinks enough of me to let me have this watch and it will sit in my Omega collection very well.

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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    Damn You busmatt, I almost cried :D
    Very nice. The story, the watch
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    Let me tell you a story

    M - interesting - great story if you have a watchmaker/historian ! I still haven't figured out the initials on my Flags trench from 1917 - Bobbee tried helping because he lives close by.m but to no avail and now I keep getting 'findmypast' spam !

    Of course Omega is interesting to you - but also great to get the history ! I envy you ! Have a great weekend ! SDA

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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    Great history of a fallen hero.
    If anyone deserves to be the custodian of a small part of that story, I can't think of anyone more fitting.

    Wear it with pride and honour, my friend.

    Thanks for the history, Bob.
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    Great story!
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    Great story and great history Matt. What a honor!
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    THank you Matt,
    its wonderful to know the "way of live" about a watch. I think I collect watches because they often tell storys bur to know a complete story is morvellous.

    Regards Silke
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    That's an awesome story, sweeet watch and great history for it. Thanks for sharing Matt!!
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    I enjoyed that read Matt, thank you.

    Brilliant to have such a provenance to a watch, your watchmaker chose
    the right man to take care of this gem.

    Nice one.
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    Re: Let me tell you a story

    Lovely story and watch. Look after it!

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