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    Longines qwr need band links

    Good morning everyone,

    I received a beautiful Longines QWR as a gift, believe it was made in the '70's, quartz. The bracelet is too small for me and I've been trying to find some links, but this seems to not have been a very popular model because I cannot find any like it for sale.

    If anyone could direct me to where I could find some bracelet links, I would very much appreciate it.

    Here's a picture attached.

    Many tks best regards,

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    Re: Longines qwr need band links

    Hi -

    Sorry to get back to you so late, was off line getting a new router...

    This is one that I would recommend going directly to a Longines Authorized Dealer and having them find that item for you from Longines directly. As you mention that it is difficult to find, even this may not be an option.

    This is one of the major drawbacks to vintage watches: once they are no longer in the maker's catalogue, spare parts and the like may dry up rapidly, especially if they are an orphan, i.e. from a company that went out of business entirely.

    Longines should be able to help you, and a good, qualified watchmaker who specializes in Longines will have his/her sources to help in finding this kind of item...

    Best of luck!

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