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    Looking for advice

    Hi guys,

    Yesterday, i presented my current collection in the public forum, here:


    But i find myself at a crossroad and i think this is the correct forum to seek your opinion.

    As you see, the focus of my vintage collection are chronos from late 60's to 70's.

    I would like to listen your opinions about:

    1 - Should i keep the collection in that direction? What watch should be next (apart from a Breitling Navitimer and a Caliber 11, that already are on my list);

    2 - Should i keep only the Omegas and let go the other ones? In this case what models should i look for?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Looking for advice

    Are you thinking of focusing on brands or on technology?
    My growing collection of "affordable" vintages: http://www.abslomrob.com

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    Re: Looking for advice

    Quote Originally Posted by gop76 View Post
    Should i keep only the Omegas and let go the other ones?
    Looking at the first ones in your stunning collection, I would rather say the other way around, although the Omegas are also really special. Longines, Breitling ... I would only go for an Omega, if it's still on the wrist of Nicole Kidman and she comes with it...
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    Re: Looking for advice

    I think that you would find that if you thought about the watches you wear, and which ones you would miss most - you would see a theme develop.

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