Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch
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Thread: Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch

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    Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch

    I have a pendant watch that uses a key to wind it up. It appears to be sterling silver but has no brand name. Has anyone seen one like this and know anything about it
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    Re: Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch

    Welcome to the Vintage/PW forum. You have a watch from an era in which a lot of watches (probably most) didn't have any names on the dial. I suspect that it has a cylindre escapement movement inside (the general "bread and butter" movement of that time) and it should be from about 1880 or rather earlier - i.e. not much later. The case hallmarks might tell us more about the year the case was made, otherwise it is not going to be possible to give precise estimates. A movement picture would help. For that, you would need to open the inner cover. If it looks like this, it should be definitely earlier than 1880:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Louis Golaz 10'''

    ...but it may well look like this and be from closer to the 1880 mark:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: A.Montandon 16'''

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch

    I'm sorry I mean to upload that picture also.
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    Re: Looking for Brand Name on Vintage Pendant Watch

    Yes, its a typical swiss keywinder bridge design called Lepine IV with a 10 jeweled cylinder escapement as Hartmut thought. The silver content of the swiss case is 0,935 and therefore sterling silver. Those high silver content quite typical for sale in england or oversea (coin silver). The bear hallmarks are swiss official silverhallmarks to mark a silver content above 0,875. They have been used since 1882. The caliber itself startet at 1850 but was used nearly unil 1900. The straight bridges speaks also for a later one.
    Even if it has the "simple" escapement its one of the better butter&bread watches of their time. The cylinder escapement is cheaper to build than the lever AND needs less place. Therefore especially within better ladys watches this escapement is often to find (and of course why should a lady know the exact time ). Here you found fully jeweled wheelpins, a higher silver content and a ornate dial with gold and silver inlays and not just a print . Very nice ladys watch of their time.

    Wonderful hairloom congradulations and take care of it
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    That's what I think about today:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlUGeY7MWVo

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