Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

Thread: Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

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    Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

    Hi fellow inmates,

    I have decided I need (no want) a birth-year watch (1954 - if you couldn't guess). If need be I will sell one of the darlings to get the right watch - I am thinking between 5k - 10k maybe more depending. Can you throw some suggestions at me, besides "couldn't you have been born later" . My current collection is Omega heavy and as much as I want it I am sure a Rolex '54 sub will be out of the question

    no holds barred on styles and themes.

    Thanks and look forward to some ideas and pics if possible.
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    Re: Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

    Hi Johnno,

    I'll start you off with a 1954 Longines Astro Navigation. Might be towards the upper end of you budget - that's if you can find one.


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    Re: Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

    Normally I would suggest a '54 Omega Constellation KO 2782, but if your collection is already Omega-heavy... You will have to look at watches of well-documented brands, and James A's suggestion of buying a Longines is possibly the best choice. The other brands, watches of which are easy to date include Tissot, Bulova, Eterna... Now, with a budget that high you definitely can look at Rolex. No, I wouldn't buy an early Sub, the prices of these are an utter madness. But what about a hand-winding Oyster Precision or a very simple Oyster Perpetual?
    Or perhaps a Zenith? For that load of money it is possible to buy a solid gold chrono... Though a Zenith chronometre in a gold case is something I would advise as well.
    I mean, all of these suggestions of mine cover watches, examples of which from 1954 can be found, and it is not that hard to date them. With Rolex it should be easy, there is a Roman numeral representing the quarter of the year a watch was made in, and next to it the year itself. Longines, on the other hand, will even tell you on what date exactly has your watch been invoiced and where...
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    Re: Looking for ideas for a birth year watch - can you help?

    How big is your wrist and what's the watch size you feel comfortable wearing?
    Except in tool watches like James suggested most would be in 34-36 mm range,for example an Angelus chronodato at 38-39mm would be a good match for your birthyear but I am not aware of them having archives for their manufacture.They have been resurrected though,maybe worth asking the company if you like the style.
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