Looking for info about grandmother's Rolex

Thread: Looking for info about grandmother's Rolex

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    Looking for info about grandmother's Rolex

    Hi all, I get many emails with watch questions. Last time I posted one the sender was very happy to get numerous helpful replys - thanks
    Here is a copy of a question from a gentelman who has inherited a lady's Rolex, and my answer to him below. Anyone have any info to share? I will send him a link to this post.

    "> Hi Robert
    > I was looking at your website and I would like to ask you a question.
    > I have a ladies Rolex that my grandmother gave to me and I would like to get
    > an idea of how old it is and what value it might have,it is not for sale.
    > I will try to describe the watch for you and if you could direct me to a
    > website or an individual that might be able to help I would appreciate it.
    > It has a very small face and has 4 or 5 interchangeable different coloured
    > leather straps.Each band has the Rolex crown on the buckel.
    > Thanking you in advance
    > Sincerely
    > Bruce
    > in Toronto"

    Hi Bruce
    I have seen these watches, I believe it would be from the 1960's. I will post your question to the watch u seek vintage forum, they will not value your watch but may be able to help with some more info. It would be helpful if you post a photo of the watch to the forum (you will have to join before posting). Here is a link to your question, check directly for responses (it is a very friendly and helpful forum, if anyone can help you out they will)
    Best Regards
    Robert Laughlin
    Trebor's Vintage Watches

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    Re: Looking for info about grandmother's Rolex

    Ladies watches are hard to ID but if we had the serial number off the movement it would help.

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