Looking to purchase first vintage Omega
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Thread: Looking to purchase first vintage Omega

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    Looking to purchase first vintage Omega

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to make my first major watch purchase by delving into buying a classic vintage Omega Seamaster.

    I wanted to hear some reactions to the options I've found on Ebay.

    First, there is this model. I love the way it looks and everything about it. Also, its exactly the price range I was looking for. However, I am concerned about the Quartz movement. Should I hold out for a more expensive auto?

    Vintage Omega Seamaster Push Quartz Steel Men's Dress Watch Swiss Made Clean | eBay

    Also, I found this model. Double the price, but I suppose that's what you pay for an automatic Omega.

    1962s Vintage Swiss Omega Seamaster 552 Automatic Steel Mens Watch | eBay

    Thoughts? Should I go through with purchasing the $500 Quartz model or should I hold out for a better deal?

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    Re: Looking to purchase first vintage Omega

    Can I ask what country you live in? I am not that sharp on Omega watches, but I am an experienced eBayer. Be very careful about spending that kind of money on an item from SK if you are in the US and just as careful from the UK. Even with the eBay MBG, it can takes weeks or months to settle a problem with an overseas seller or if you dont receive it. Now if you live close the country you are buying from then there is less chance, but a good rule is dont spend more than you are prepared to lose on an international sale. My advice is to buy something from a seller in the country you live in that will accept returns in some form.....especially if this is your first time buying such an expensive watch. Dip your toe in the vintage waters before plunging.

    I am not sure how much a re painted dial affects the price on the Omega but I am willing to bet that those that collect them or know about them wont like that fact. I generally dont buy redials but this one at least looks ok......just wait for an expert to come along and tell you on here....
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    Re: Looking to purchase first vintage Omega

    There are a lot of reputable vintage watch sellers selling Omega Seamasters for less than the one you linked. They'll have the original dial, not painted, like the one you're looking at, and most all have return policies, if there's an issue. Not being a quartz guy, I would look at hand wound or automatics. As my watchmaker says" they're much more interesting". I would start here: Vintage and Pre-owned watches - Watchuseek
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