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    Question looking for an watch appraisal

    I have inherited a silver pocket watch from my grandfather, I just had it repaired and cleaned. It has an inscription (Ancre 45 Recbis Spiral Berguent 1864131) It comes from Norway however I think a German soldier had left it with a few other items a pair of hinged handcuffs and some tin photographs as payment for smuggling him out of the army. Like I say though I am not positive. The jular, I left it with were in awe over how well preserved it is. I just want to know its age and approximate value.
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    Re: looking for an watch appraisal

    Well, without pictures of the watch nobody can tell you much. It sounds nice and its good that you've had it repaired and cleaned.

    But we don't give valuations in here at all - there is a sticky explaining why. Sorry.
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    Re: looking for an watch appraisal

    "Ancre" indicates that the watch has a lever style escapement. "Spiral Breguet" means that the hairpsring has a Breguet-style overcoil.

    None of these words identify the maker of the watch, but merely describe the type of mechanism.

    "45 recbis" is more likely 15 rubis, which means 15 jewels.

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