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    M3 Spaceview Yellow Dot "B"

    Got a little help from a fellow WIS who's specialty is Accutrons to confirm this:

    It needs some work as it doesn't run (typical) but that's probably why it was sitting in the original box with original hands & crystal intact. Looks in better shape than I thought. Now to send it off for repair & a spa.

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    Re: M3 Spaceview Yellow Dot "B"

    Very nice. Coil (if no hum) or index wheel, but looks very nice.
    Did you try a correct battery? A 1.5 may work but you might need a 1.3 conversion (accucell).

    Love to know who you are using for your repairs. My guy is less inclined to get parts. We used to know a guy who worked for Bulova (and worked directly for Mr. Bulova back in the day). He had a slew of parts, but suddenly disappeared last year.

    Please PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting.
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