Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

Thread: Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

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    Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

    I recently visited my parents and my father gave me a few old watches. This looked the most interesting, and I believe it was his as a teenager in the 60s.

    While I can spin the hands to set the time, I am unable to wind it and would assume that it needs a lot of work, not to mention the cracked plastic. I've not looked up this on eBay to see what they sell for, but am just curious to know if it is worth spending any $$ on.

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    Re: Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

    Most likely, the movement is stuck with grease dense as tar, the mainspring is fully wound, and this means that the watch has to be serviced.
    I've heard of a Marilyn Manson and a Charles Manson, but never heard about Manson watches.
    If you like the watch, and since it has sentimental value, I think it is worth repairing. Dial looks to be in good shape, and that's already something.
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    Re: Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

    I have to say that with nondescript advertising on the dial ("Unbreakable mainspring", "Antimagnetic") instead of some of the more useful phrases ("Incabloc", "17 Rubis"), I suspect that inside is a cheap pin lever movement. As such, it is definitely not worth servicing from a purely financial point of view - even less so than for a decent but generic Swiss lever movement. However, it is your father's watch and, if you feel so inclined, a service is perfectly feasible. If you would run and wear it, it should be accurate enough for daily use. You just need to set it a little more frequently than a Swiss lever watch (let alone a quartz watch).

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

    Yes most probably a pin lever movement as for all Manson watches I have seen for sale not one seller has mentioned or shown the movement.

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    Re: Manson Calendar Anti-magnetic, worth repairing?

    Thanks for the input guys. I don't think my father wore this after high school. I didn't even know it existed until he showed it to me while I was visiting over the 4th of July.

    I was hoping that he'd pass his Seiko 6105-8000 that he bought in Japan in 1970 on his way home from Nam, but he held onto it.

    I'll pass on fixing this one and just hold onto it as is.

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