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    Marvin Flying Dutchman Women´s watch

    Hello WUS members!
    A fair warning, I am a real newbie with watches, the few I have is different types of modern sport watches and beaters, so forgive my ignorance.

    Well unfortunately a close relative of mine passed away about two weeks ago. When going through the house a last time I found three watches, a nice Omega Genève (probably around 1959/1960/1961), an odd watch called Balder Incabloc Antimagnetic (any information on that one would also be nice) and yes, a Marvin Women´s Flying Dutchman Automatic.

    I really did not notice it at first, but it caught my attention after clearing out a old box as it was the last item in there. The condition of the watch is pretty good, not best, but not worst, aside from a lot of dirt and grime. The watch cant have been used for a long time, believe me when I say that my relative haven't used watches for over 15 years, especially a ladies watch. I gave the watch a few easy shakes and would´t you believe it, it started ticking. I have now had it lying around for some days, trying to figure out any information about it, with not so much luck. I have found some information of Marvin as a maker and some of its men´s watches but nothing more.

    If I can give it some nice finish on the outside and keep it ticking I plan to surprise my girlfriend with it. As there is no strap on it at the moment it would be nice to add one, the best would be a original or a similar type, but I have no idea what the original strap looked like (maybe a steel bracelet or a leather strap?).
    I would appreciate any information you could give me about the watch, any tips and tricks how to clean it up and if you know what strap/bracelet that would fit nicely.

    And yes, of course I don't have my camera here at the moment so the pictures has been taken with my scratched up phonecam . The pictures don't do the watch any justice, the watch face may seem cracked (witch it is not, it is acutely very pretty) and as said before, the case is full of grime and dirt. I also added some references so you get a idea of how small the watch is. The width is about 1.8 cm (the band width is 1 cm exactly), the length is only about 2.5 cm in total and the depth is about 0.7 cm. In conclusion, very small. No serial number on the outer case.

    As you can see, not the best pictures, I hope you can get any out of them anyway!
    Thank you!

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    Re: Marvin Flying Dutchman Women´s watch

    That's actually a very cool watch! Very small, given that it is a women's version, but the Flying Dutchman model was important to Marvin as a marketing tool. They partnered with KLM airlines, and used the latter's Flying Dutchman trans-atlantic service to cross-brand the watch model.

    I have a really nice men's example (shown below), and like it very much. It is powered by a 580c automatic movement, but I do not know what is inside the women's version.


    Tony C.

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    Re: Marvin Flying Dutchman Women´s watch

    Very nice, very nice indeed.
    After picking of some grime from the watch I found a serial number. I have sent a email to Marvin in search of help, if I get a response I will post the results here! Hoping for some interesting information.

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