Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work
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Thread: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

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    Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Hello all! :D

    Thank you for looking at my thread!
    I have recently become very interested in watches! I do not know much about them. I have here a watch I would like to share, for all I know, it could be a regular watch, but maybe you will find it interesting too.

    It was given to my grandfather as a gift, for 15 years of work. I gathered that he died about 40 years ago; at this time I do not know how old the watch is (I will try finding out).

    It is a Mechanical Marvin watch. In the back, it says, in croatian: "For 15 Y. Work" (Y meaning years). Then it says: MARVIN SWISS. And then "PTT KARLOVAC" (Karlovac is the city he worked in and PTT is the name of the postal office he worked for, says my mom). Last, 537606.

    The front is: MARVIN, and in small letters in the bottom, "Swiss Made". (In the first picture, but the angle does not allow the letters to be seen).

    I don't know the material of the gold coloured part, could it be gold or gold coated?

    I would like to hear your comments on the watch. I await with interest! :D Thank you!
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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Marvin has been around in one form or the other for quite some time and were considered to make slightly above average quality watches along the lines of Roamer, Enicar etc. This one looks to be a late 1950's - early 1960's watch. A clear photo of the movement and inside of the case back would be helpful.
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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have tried on the watch a few days ago, and it seems to still work fine! I felt that winding it was a little hard, as compared to my modern mechanical watch, for some reason. Maybe it is like that, I don't know, but it keeps good time I think! :D
    I unfortunately can not open the watch at the moment due to caution, the last watch I opened, I was unable to close! So I will wait until I can get around it, but I wanted to say thank you for the information! :D
    Have a good day forum.

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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Nice piece with a nice provenance, probably worth to get it serviced (oiled and cleaned) if you intend to wear it.
    Enjoy, and thanks for sharing it
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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    It winds hard, because the oil in the movement is worn, and the watch needs a service. Don't use it until it gets one- otherwise, you risk damaging it. Once you take it to a watchmaker for a service, simply ask to have it opened, so that you can take a picture of the movement.
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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Thank you both for your replies!
    Ah, I see why it winds hard. (By the way, interesting that we use the word WIND- don't people also say time flies, you know, like the wind? Gotta think this one through!)
    Yes, I will not wear it anymore. It's funny, the clock still looks new at a glance! Haha.
    I will try taking a picture, yes. I will keep it to look at it in the meanwhile!

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    Re: Marvin watch- given to my grandfather for 15 years of work

    Very nice heirloom,may it serve you well.

    I would also say it's a 1960s timepiece and would recommend not to wind and wear it before getting it serviced. The lubricants used back then were quiet different than now and they might have been dried up between the gears and teeth.This might be one of the reasons you feel resistance during winding.Case except case-back might be gold plated.

    I am sure it's a widely used durable movement inside the case and a competent watch service center can do a clean-oil and adjust treatment on it.Once the guys open it you can take also pictures of the movement ticking inside and we will be happy to identify it.

    Edit/Add: So many comments until I submitted,we flooded the thread with similar comments:) Such a cooperative forum we are
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