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    Master Mariner Help

    Hey folks,

    Quick story, wife was at her Babcia’s (grandmother) house helping out with some cleaning up and gardening. Her Babcia asked her to box up some stuff to be thrown away or donated. One of the things she had decided to part with was a box full of old watches. Thankfully my wife knows and shares my love of watches, so she looked through and asked to keep those. Mostly old hand-wound Bulova women’s watches, that are pretty neat and very ornate.

    In their midst though was possibly a gem, there were two old men’s watches one an old automatic Timex the other - this gorgeous LeCoultre Master Mariner. Even more fantastic, it still works! Spent some time looking online for info, and found a little, but couldn’t find this specific model. So I’m not sure of the details - hence I’m here asking my fellow enthusiasts for help.

    Here’s a couple of pics, other than this the case back states: “10k gold filled bezel stainless back”. The crown is signed, but unfortunately it’s a bit indistinguishable. Last thing, when you hold it and rotate back and forth to feel the movement (rotor) move, it feels like it is actually a bumper type movement, with some sort stop and spring that the rotor oscillates against.

    Does anyone know any more info on this particular watch? Interested in better understanding what we stumbled upon and crazier, nearly got thrown away.


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    Re: Master Mariner Help

    That's a lovely collectible piece, very nice find. It looks like it was treated very carefully. And if I recall correctly, these are fairly large cases. You will want to remove that bracelet, since I think the spring-loaded end-links may already have caused some damage to the lugs.

    The bumper automatic movement has a very distinctive "feel", so I trust that you have identified it correctly. Of course, photos of the movement would help.
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