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    Mido Multifort

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    I recently got this watch from my grandfather and I would like to get some more information about it.
    It's quite a small watch and I presume it is a boy's watch (16mm strap). And since I think it's a 1940's watch that would fit the story; it being my grandfather's watch as a child.

    Thanks a lot in advance
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    Re: Mido Multifort

    A favorite of mine. Truly designed and built to be durable and a fine choice for any tough environment. When first made compared favorably with early Rolex. Compact size, normal for all the older ones. Unsure of age of mine. Has cork stem seal and thick lead back seaL. 1945+? Early Brit. patent autowind and Incabloc balance shock mount.
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    Re: Mido Multifort

    You have a great under-appreciated watch. Most were center-seconds but you see the sub-seconds like yours from time to time. Yours appears to be in nice condition. The small size is just the fashion from the time it was made. Hope you enjoy the great watch - with a good family connection.

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    Re: Mido Multifort

    It's not a boys watch.

    1940s timepiece . . . Watch trends back then were very different. A Men's watch back then was about the size of many Ladies models, today. A watch with a diameter or 36mm was very common on a man's wrist. A strap about 16mm was common too, for a man. There are some watch models today that use similar dimensions. My Timex Expedition that I bought about 4 years ago comes with a 16mm strap. It's not a Ladies or Boys model either.
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