Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?
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Thread: Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

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    Rolling eyes Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

    Just came across an Ebay UKName:  Ravisa2.jpg
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Size:  147.9 KBName:  Ravisa1.jpg
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Size:  209.6 KBName:  Ravisa3.jpg
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Size:  179.9 KBName:  Ravisa4.jpg
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Size:  211.4 KB shop selling these strange electro-mechanical watches. Would those be considered to be 'vintage'?

    * the technology failed or was discarded. Are they junk? Do they last? Is the EOL near?

    It's amazing, what is out there for under $ 40.
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    Re: Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

    - are these watches reliable?
    - how long does a battery last?

    Hand-wound moveements are my thing, but some of these odd watches do have a "Wow-effect" like a De Lorean car...
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    Re: Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

    30 years.
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    Re: Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

    There is no universally accepted minimum age for vintage watches. Commonly used minimum ages are 20, 25, or 30 years. See this recent thread:

    Lighting up mechanical digital displays as with these watches was a 1970s thing so, yes, they are vintage. They are interesting and if the price was decent they would be something novel to have.
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    Re: Minimum age for a watch to be 'vintage'?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kru Chris View Post
    * the technology failed or was discarded.
    What technology? The timekeeping part of the watch will be a simple low-tech Swiss mechanical movement with 'jump-hour' complication. The illumination will be a simple LED as found in the quartz electronic watches of that era but without the complicated circuitry. In combination they form a short-lived novelty promising the look of the highest tech watches on the market but at far lower cost and with hopefully better reliability.

    These faux-quartz watches are not exactly prized collectables but should be perfectly serviceable, and most importantly they are important historical artefacts that speak of the public fascination for high-tech in the mid 1970s and the desperate attempts of Swiss entry-level brands to stay abreast of fashion. Other brands that I have seen producing this style of watch are Hudson and Tegrov.
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