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    Question Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!


    My husband was given this pocket watch as a gift, and we believe it's a Molnija. It was purchased in the Ukraine in approx. 2002, from "a guy who had a bunch of watches" (according to my father in law), so we didn't get a lot of information. Needless to say, we're curious! Is there anyone out there who can let us know any other info about it? We'd also like to know if it's worth much, or if it's more of a common device. Quick internet searches didn't yield anything.

    This is engraved in the back: 3602 RU 376770

    It looks like this is on the front on the small dial: Molnija 15 KAMHEN

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    We don't give valuations here, sorry. That said it's a decent Russian made pocket watch, limited interest to collectors. Check eBay for completed sales of Molnija watches.

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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    Thanks! Is there any way to find out when it was made based on the watch itself?
    Sorry for asking if it was worth much - we were just looking for an opinion and nothing official. Didn't mean to offend.

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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    It is very recent. After 1992.
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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    Molnija stopped producing pocket watches in 2007. Your watch belonged to a series related to the religions of the world, there were watches with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist themes. It looks like your watch does not have the proper dial and movement which should have Hebrew letters for numerals and the movement should wind and move counter clockwise.

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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    As has already been said the watch is a post perestroika - the movement is stamped RU for Russia, not SU for Soviet Union. If the colour on your image is correct then the movement is brass, which puts it towards the end of production.

    This is the correct dial.

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    Examples crop up on ebay every now and again, prices vary wildly and authenticity is often in doubt.

    Does your movement wind and run anti-clockwise ?

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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    I have one of the backward-running ones. I can tell yours is "normal" because of the escape wheel and the click though, so probably the whole movement was transplanted. Here's mine; ignore the rodico holding the seconds bit on; I have to find a fourth wheel for this. Fortunately, the train wheels are the same between the versions.
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    Re: Molnija Pocket Watch? Please Help!

    Nothing worthy to add, just a photo of my redialed Russian watch with a similar Molnija movement - - this one made in 1953.

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