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    Mondia AS 1901 - hands don't move


    having lurked around here enjoying the forum for the past three years, I have my first question. That is...

    I have a Mondia watch powered by an AS1901 that doesn't move it's hour and minute hand as it should... the second hand moves. When I try to set the watch, the hands move.

    Does this sound particularly expensive to repair?



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    Re: Mondia AS 1901 - hands don't move

    If the second hand moves correctly, that tells you that the main train is alive and well. The second hand is typically driven directly off one of the gears of the train, while the minute and hour hands are more indirectly driven off another wheel. IN order so that you can set the hands without stopping or damaging the watch, the watch has a special pinion (the cannon pinion) that is designed to "slip" when you set the watch. This drives the minute hand. The hour hand is connected via a set of gears to the minute hand. Since you're able to set the hands, that means the most likely problem is that the cannon pinion is just loose.

    If so, it's a fairly easy repair, but it does involve completely uncasing the watch and removing the dial.

    If you're going to have it fixed, you'll probably want to get a full clean and oil on it as well. A full service will run you anywhere from 50 to 150 (depends on where you are, really), and tightening the cannon pinion would probably be thrown in for free (or nominal charge). Of course, if something is actually broken, all bets are off.
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    Re: Mondia AS 1901 - hands don't move

    as I recall, the "cannon pinion" on the AS1901 is not the same as a traditional movement. That is, it does not slip to allow setting, it is just the pinion the minute hand sits on. The "large driving wheel" (201/1) has the slipping clutch, and if that starts to get loose the whole thing needs to be replaced.

    I never liked the AS 1900 through 2166 because they all have that same design, and the slipping clutch wears out quickly. IMO anyway.
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