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    Mondia Vintage Chronograph

    Hi! Can anyone provide any information on this Mondia chronograph? I'm guessing it's from 1974 as I've seen this model (or very very similar) done by Nivada and Waltham, but I still don't know much about it or how much it could be worth. Any idea?

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    Re: Mondia Vintage Chronograph

    You may get more luck in the vintage forum where I've moved this for you.

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    Re: Mondia Vintage Chronograph

    interesting I knew that Mondia is brand from Zenith, but why it cases a Kelek 1369 movement instead of a Zenith Chrono movement, no idea. Interesting piece indeed.There are some Zenith in depth knowledge members here, they can give a more wise answer.

    At the other hand we dont value watches here, as a rule, but from time to time Kelek pops up in auctions and is sold even when its not in working conditions for a pair hundred dollars. The demand is high generally.

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    Re: Mondia Vintage Chronograph

    I must say that I never saw a Mondia with an "El Primero" movement. And the Movados with that calibre are rare enough.....

    But then, so are Zenith El Primeros. We recently worked out that between 1969-1978, Zenith only made ca. 36000 steel and ca. 4000 gold El Primero watches. At the same time, they stockpiled enough movements to be able to supply Ebel with several thousands in the early eighties. I can only presume that for whatever reason, Movadio was given access in the deal but Mondia wasn't. Possibly because Mondia didn't have any movements to trade (the Cal. 405 and 408 used by Zenith are Movado calibres, I am not aware of any Mondia movements used by Zenith - if any ever existed).

    Hartmut Richter

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