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    Movado 09/1890

    Hi, Im owner of (probably) Movado from 1890, when a attach an images, can you tell me if iam right ?

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    Re: Movado 09/1890

    Moved to the right place. The "Photography Forum" for sure was the wrong place

    BTW: The cal. 75 engraving is a hint: The movement dates back to the 40ties/50ties but imho not to the 19th century. Case and case back are in bad condition. Does the movement still work ?
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    Re: Movado 09/1890

    Do you have a dial shot?

    It looks like the beveling of the movement left some
    of the text missing esp. factories. Is this normal?

    I cannot claim any real knowledge regarding Movados, so
    pardon my ignorance if apparent.


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    Re: Movado 09/1890

    Don't know anything about a Movado Cal. 75 but that one looks like the in-house Movado 475:

    ...which was a dial side modular construction on the basis of the Movado 470. Came out in the thirties, I believe. The number on the case has nothing to do with the watch or movement (they rarely ever do) and is just the serial number of the case from the case maker. The appearance of "1890" in the number is entirely fortuitous. back in the 1890s, people still wore pocket watches with movements rather larger than the one in your watch! (At least speaking of gents watches, that is.)

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Movado 09/1890

    That is a pretty regular fifteen jewel Movado from 1930-1950ish. A nice thing that is easy to service and keeps good time, built to a quality and not just a price.

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