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    Movado Kingmatic

    Picked up a project at the NAWCC show on Sunday. A Movado Kingmatic in need of a cleaning, a crystal, a back, and a winding stem and crown. The watch had a crystal on the back when I bought it, but I could see the threads where the real back would screw into it so I knew that was wrong. Anyway, I replaced the crystal, and found a back that fit in all my junk, and believe it or not, I also found a stem that would work with it!

    Put it all back together and it looks like this:
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    very nice running 538, 28 jewel movement:
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    I had two questions.. I don't think the case is original. Does anyone think it may be original or at least a Movado case but not for this watch? it just didn't fit perfect in there like it should have. I mean, it all works properly, but something looks a little wrong. The hole in the case for the stem was slightly off where the hole in the movement was.. works fine, but not a perfect fit.

    Second question... My price guide has the 28 jewel watch in stainless steel and 14k white gold. The case didn't buff up like a steel case usually does. The scratches came out real easy, and it really shines. It also has a tiny crack in the bezel near the "4" marker. Any way to tell if it may be white gold?


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    Re: Movado Kingmatic

    I would think that if the movement was put into a different case, it is doubtful that someone would put into an even more valuable case.
    But I could be wrong.

    I do like that rotor, very unusual.
    I've got more Converse sneakers than watches, but it is a close race.

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