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    Movement Question

    I thought this question should be reserved for those that frequent this forum :)
    I have the opportunity to acquire this chronographe suisse in a trade; the other party states that it's a Landeron 48 that's recently been serviced.
    From other Landeron 48's I've seen on the web this one looks a tad different.
    Can anyone with more expertise in these movements provide any insight? Is this movement authentic and/or heavily modified?
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    Re: Movement Question

    Hi there...

    certainly looks like a landeron from the 4X family!

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Landeron 48

    Note the info:

    'There were various chrono mechanisms. And as their parts often were interchangable, occasionally series were produced with parts of different calibres'.

    As such... parts from a Landeron 47, or 39.. etc may have been used at production!

    The movement looks clean.. If its recently been serviced and the dial is in good condition, I would give it a go.. at the right price!
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