Mumís getting in on the act now
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Thread: Mumís getting in on the act now

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    Mumís getting in on the act now

    Iíve been into watches for years now, my dadís already got a nice collection going on but mum said a while back that sheíd like a little pocket/pendant watch, so on the hunt I went, anyway a quick message to Thoth resulted in this landing on my doorstep today

    Itís a handsome little Elgin that houses a 777 movement (please correct me if Iím wrong Thoth) with a free sprung balance.

    Mumís very happy


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    Re: Mumís getting in on the act now

    It's so cute!
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    Re: Mumís getting in on the act now

    That is correct. It was late the final years of Elgin in the US making movements and they went all out on trying something new. They basically added a shock protected balance, like incaflex, and then put the regulation on the balance. Essentially that is freesprung. A hairspring is at a particular length with no curb pins on a regulator touching it. All adjustment is on the balance. Cool idea....just too late to save them.

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