My Father's 1963 Lancorotor
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Thread: My Father's 1963 Lancorotor

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    My Father's 1963 Lancorotor

    The old fella succumbed to a bout of pneumonia at the weekend and left me with the task of clearing his house. Among the personal possessions that come to me (only child, so no competition there..), was his collection of watches, mostly rare, early LCD digital stuff acquired during his frequent business trips to Japan back in the 1970s such as Casiotron, prototypes from Seiko, Citizen and others and some Swiss pieces such as his Breitling Navitimer, a budget Sicura dive style watch and many, many American pocket watches, the last being my main area of interest as I'm a sucker for a nicely kept Waltham or similar.

    Among the wrist watches was the Lancorotor that should be appearing in the picture below these words. This was bought for Dad by my late Mother as her wedding present to him, back in February, 1963. Dad always wore one of various Seiko Fives as a day to day timepiece and had, in the late eighties, semi retired the Lanco, bringing it out every few years for a service, which he carried out himself to a very good standard. A Seiko, that he had on his wrist when he went into hospital a few weeks ago, was failing him as he no longer had the strength to move sufficiently to keep it wound so he asked me to bring the Lanco to him as it winds fully and runs for a good couple of days after very few shakes of the wrist. I obliged.
    Just before he passed, the old chap passed the watch to me with the instruction to wear it to his funeral - typical engineer; every detail planned to the last moment! He then expressed his requirement that the watch should be worn by me on at least a few days from each month and I shall do just that as it's very comfortable on its expanding bracelet - specified by Mum when she bought the watch back in 1963 - and is doing astonishingly well on the timekeeping front, having gained a mere seven seconds since Sunday.
    The condition of the watch is stunning, only one very small radiation burn to the face hints at its age but otherwise, it's as fresh as the day it was built.
    The picture:

    And a short video:

    And no it doesn't tick that loudly or beat that slowly, my mantel clock just has to get itself heard in any video I do in the same room!
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    Re: My Father's 1963 Lancorotor

    My condolences on your extremely sad loss. That's a beautiful and unusual watch - your father had good taste.


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    Re: My Father's 1963 Lancorotor

    I agree, that's a nice piece in excellent condition. I'm sorry for your loss, but glad you have this to add to your memories.

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    Re: My Father's 1963 Lancorotor

    Sorry for your loss! Nice watch!
    Bobby - My original music! Check me out! Thanks!

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