My first micro-rotor!

Thread: My first micro-rotor!

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    My first micro-rotor!

    I've been hunting for that one quite a while: a Dugena Super Automatic.
    The case has lost its gold plating at the bottom, but you can still wear the watch:

    However I was after one of those because they have Buren micro-rotor movements. Mine has a 1321:

    Thanks for looking,


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    Re: My first micro-rotor!

    lovely, complex piece of machinery there axel- well done for 'snagging' itsantasmile

    regards, johnsantasmilesantasmile

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    Re: My first micro-rotor!

    Interesting find ! Congrats !

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    Re: My first micro-rotor!

    Hi -

    I've seen a number of Dugenas from this time period pop up, they are certainly very interesting and for someone like me a lot more interesting than the newer stuff...

    And that calibre looks great: blued screws, where they aren't blued they're polished, and a very nice microrotor. Coool.

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    Re: My first micro-rotor!

    That's a BEAUTIFUL Dugena! Great pics, too. I'm adding it to my "list!"
    Regards from Sunny San Diego..........Tom
    "There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend, those with loaded
    guns and those who dig!"................Blondie to Tuco in TGTB&TU (1966)

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