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    My first pocketwatch

    hello and Merry Christmas to everyone

    I bought this Zenith pocketwatch at Christmas Eve for 80 euros
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    On the back writes : Metal Blanc Garanti 5087478 3914. Also in the upper part as you can see it has the letter "E" written.
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    Name:  dust cover inside.JPG
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    As you can see the dust cover has the words "GRAND PRIX PARIS 1900" and the same numbers "5087478 3914"
    Name:  movement.JPG
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    the diameter of the movement is about 38mm. The serial number is 1964131. Also it has the number 3914 just above the serial number.

    so can you give me more info about the movement, the case, when it was made , etc ;

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    Re: My first pocketwatch

    I know nothing about Zenith pocket watches, so I'll let you wait for the Zenith experts to come along but the regulator is very nice and indicates a good quality watch. It's stem wound and set so I'm going to guess post 1920 which would match the hour hand. When you get it serviced it would be good to have the hands changed so that they match (to whichever of them is correct for a Zenith of this vintage). Nice buy!

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    Re: My first pocketwatch

    The watch is from ca. 1916 going by the movement serial number; the other number refers to the case (probably obtained from an independent supplier). What is the exact diameter of the movement?

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: My first pocketwatch

    The diameter of the movement is 38mm.

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