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    Re: My First Vacheron

    Quote Originally Posted by Tick Talk View Post
    My speculation re inventory numbering of these C of E pieces requires that one first appreciate that almost all Swiss makers contracted by the US Army sub-contracted some production to other Swiss companies to help them meet their quotas. I think that blocks of numbers were assigned by V&C, for example, to Moser and to Orion to use on their pieces made on behalf of Vacheron Constantin. FWIW, the inventory numbers were indeed engraved by the makers, not the C of E. There is still much more to learn about the Corps watches, unfortunately I haven't been able to pry anything more out of VC...yet
    The thing is if the numbers were assigned by V&C why would a UN marked watch have a number within the V&C range. I am sure the US Gov and V&C have far more records that would help. Turn those thumb screws Tick!!!

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    Re: My First Vacheron

    Quote Originally Posted by thoth View Post
    Per Websters....

    half chronometer
    :a watch having an escapement compounded of the lever and chronometer escapements; also :a fine lever-escapement watch adjusted for temperature

    The fine lever escapement adjusted to temp seems to be the most likely.

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    Well I don't know how important accuracy is to you, but I went to the 1915 edition of Britten's well-known Watch & Clockmaker's Handbook:

    English - half chronometer. This term originally used to denote watches having an escapement compounded of the lever and chronometer, appears now to be applied to fine lever watches which have been adjusted for temperature and positions.

    The first part was referencing two escapements, the Swiss "lever" and the English spring detent "chronometer". You can, and many have, write volumes on the use of the term "chronometer", but in short it was used by the English to describe a type of construction, whereas the Swiss used it to define a level of performance. Sadly, today COSC has trademarked the term for marketing use and the actual timekeeping standard of a so-called chronometer is dismal.
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