My First Vintage Watch
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Thread: My First Vintage Watch

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    My First Vintage Watch

    I recently picked up my first vintage watch. It was a bit of an impulse purchase off eBay, and even though the photos were slightly out of focus, I could tell there were some issues with the case. My interest was piqued though and the price was right, so I dove in. It's a manual wind dive watch from Vulcain, probably 70's era (Swiss movement, 17 jewels, reference H36.101).

    The good news is that it runs and the dial and hands are in good condition. I've got it on a Bond-style NATO strap and have gotten compliments on it, even in its current state.

    The bad news, at least the issues I've found so far:
    - The case - it looks like someone took a file or sandpaper to the corners of the top of the case. I'm not interested in a full refinishing on the case, but the current look bothers me
    - The dial - there is noticeable movement in the dial when winding the watch or setting the time (broken dial feet maybe?)
    - The hands - the date currently changes at 11 o'clock, so the hands need to be realigned
    - The movement - like I said, the watch runs, but it runs a minute or two fast per day, at least
    - The crystal - the crystal was in rough shape initially, but after spending some time with Polywatch, all but a couple deeper scratches have come out

    I've already taken it to one watch repair shop who quoted an estimate for a full overhaul that was more than I was willing to pay at the time (the watch is starting to grow on me though...). I'm going to try a different place this weekend for a 2nd opinion. More to come...
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    Re: My First Vintage Watch


    One more bad news: it's missing a bezel
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    Re: My First Vintage Watch

    Dang, can't believe I missed that non-trivial detail, even after comparing to other examples online, all of which clearly have bezels now that I look back at them. Always good to learn lessons firsthand...

    Anything else I'm missing?

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    Re: My First Vintage Watch

    It was a cheaper watch as it used a AS standard movement. It was with FHF's version the cheapest fully jeweled movement in it's day. But not budget though like brands like Sicura.

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    Re: My First Vintage Watch

    Nice, it's missing the bezel though but generally nice.

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