My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch
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Thread: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

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    My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    My dad was showing me this piece. The story is that it was bought in the early 20th century (probably around 1910) by my grandfather in China. This company apparently has a history of producing Swiss watches for the Chinese Market. Thoughts on this piece?

    Photo Album - Imgur

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    Re: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    I think it is beautiful... seems a bit older than 1920 to me. I would guess 20-40 years older. But real experts may know more!
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    Re: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    Absolutely gorgeous! Geneva stopworks ("Maltese cross") can be seen on the barrel to improve isochronism. Stunning decoration. Unique timepiece, looks like second half of 19th century.

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    Re: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    Beautiful watch. A bit about Bovet here:

    The Chinese Market Watch -- History of the Bovet Fleurier Companies

    My Bovet - much later (and I must do a better picture) -says hi:

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    Re: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    Stunning piece. I think fireal just found the same watch on a past Christies auction.
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    Re: My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch

    Unless the image has been reversed, its more likely the Christie's piece is the other one of a pair. Bovet and others usually offered their watches in sets of two decorated as mirror-images, as this was considered good luck in the Chinese market. Notice how Mary's little lamb is on the right in the OP's pics and on the left in Christie's.
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