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    My Great Grandfather's Pocket Watch

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    I was raised by my grandparents and grew up looking at this time piece. My grandmother says it was her fathers when he worked on a railroad.
    I took this to a family friend who is a jeweler and she had a key for this, wound it up just a bit to see if it would turn; she said it needed to be serviced before winding too much.

    I'm curious to know about how old this is and if I should worry about a jeweler replacing original parts with others when I have this serviced? or does that not happen as much as I am thinking?

    What do you think this is valued at?

    Any clue what those scribble digits are and what it means?

    best part = this is my grandmother's watch. It is a watch from Rockford Il.
    My grandad was born and raised and lived his early 20s in Rockford Il. I found that to be interesting. Anyways, tell me about this bad ass watch!
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    Re: My Great Grandfather's Pocket Watch

    You have a size 18 key wound/keyset Rockford pocket watch in a coin silver Dueber case. It was made about 1877.
    Buker and Son was probably a jeweler/dealer who sold the watch. Rockford made watches from 1875-1915. The scratched-in numbers on the inside case back are watchmaker's service codes. You would need the original watchmaker's log book to know what they mean.

    Sorry, but it against the rules to value watches on this site. Also it is an old wife's tale about jewelers/watchmakers switching parts.

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