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    My Latest Vintage Adventures


    I got three pretty good vintage watches off you know where (Ebay), each one for not much money. An Avia Olympic 17 Jewels which was £9 but then got refunded (so was really free), a Paul Jobin 17 Jewels for £7.49 and a Sekonda 17 Jewels (with a Darlena strap) for £2, all including postage.

    I had a pretty turbulent time with the Sekonda last night; I took the back off to see the movement, as you do (and it turned out to be an unbranded generic one of some sort), but as hard as I tried could not get it back on ! After the seal had been destroyed, and much force had been exerted on the watch by my fist, foot and various other objects, I managed to crack the crystal. I nearly destroyed it but luckily I remembered I had another case and crystal from a previous watch that got knackered (by me ), and luckily it fit like a glove! So I shoved it into its new case, and my Sekonda frankenstein was born. But the winding stem was too long for the new case so the crown stuck out a mile. After taking the crown off and nipping back the thread end of the stem with pliers, I put the crown back on and it was a perfect fit !

    As for the Paul Jobin, when I first got it, it was running about two hours plus fast a day . I was going to send it back for a refund as it seemed to (badly) need a service, but I just decided to keep it running and tweak the regulator a bit, and it started getting better , so I carried on regulating it and now it's running at less than 30 seconds slow per day! The movement is a very nice little A. Schild 1686 in good condition.

    The Avia money got refunded to me by Ebay as I opened a not as described case but Ebay found there was a mistake in the listing somehow , and decided neither I nor the seller was at fault so they gave me a full refund AND allowed me to keep the watch! Movement inside is an ETA 2408 which I'm chuffed about.

    So all in all it ended sweet as a nut, phew!.

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