My new Gruen Autowind
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Thread: My new Gruen Autowind

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    My new Gruen Autowind

    This just in today. For the price of a pizza and a dozen wings I got this steel Gruen autowind running (20 USD). The back is Has a plastic window and I dont know if it came like this or it was altered either way it was very well done and I like it alot. Enjoy this pictures and any information you have will be great. Usually I can identify Gruen from the 2 three digit numbers in the case back but obviously this does not have that.

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    Re: My new Gruen Autowind

    Nice one Freddy. One of the series of 3 digit numbers on the inside back would have been the movement, so since you know it is a 460 SS, you can look up the watch here and get more info:

    Welcome to


    ok.. I did it for you :)
    Search results for “460 SS”

    Strange that I searched for 460 SS but the link says 480 SS.
    Gruen Precision Autowind, 460SS

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    Re: My new Gruen Autowind

    The Bonklip bracelet is worth more than $20 by itself.
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    Re: My new Gruen Autowind

    I'd bet that the back is not original to the watch. I've an acquaintance here in CO that is quite skilled at cutting out the center of the back to then add a crystal to view the movement. But I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is not factory. Who knows, it could be a salesman's watch. Gruen certainly had traveling salesman and it would be easy enough to get one of these cases cut at the Cincinnati facility. The case back would have originally stated it was made in "Switzerland" too.

    That said, the serial number on the movement is not from the first run of the cal 460ss. Your's is 1G. Don't have the dates, but they started at 1E and went up to 1L. There is a pattern in the serials, and if I had to make an educated guess, I'd say 1948/49 on your watch.

    I like it, btw. The bumper winds from Gruen are nice, even if there is an apparent flaw of some sort that is much talked about. They are pretty movements both for the aesthetic and the engineering.
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    Re: My new Gruen Autowind

    nice find and wear it in good health
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    Re: My new Gruen Autowind

    Nice bumper, very nice!

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