My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim
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Thread: My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

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    My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

    After all the BS surrounding my stolen Tissot movement ( see my older thread for a thrills and chills adventure story by myself and others) I really thought ...thats it for watches. After all these years of collecting I was sulking and pi#$ed off. Well it just goes to show you a month passes and there it is, the watch you have to have. So here is my new Luch with a blue dial I have never seen before. The pictures do not do it justice. I am very pleased. Hope you like it.
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    Re: My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

    I do like it. You can get some great buys on old Soviet watches.

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    Re: My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

    Agree with the above comment, I own a Sekonda and runs great. Nothing like a bit of watch shopping therapy to cheer you up.

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    Re: My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

    Real nice P&P - love that deep blue dial. I've never seen one in that color before.

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    Re: My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim

    No movement pic! Bah! Humbug!!
    "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

    "The watch has to be surrounded by a history.
    You need more than just a great design. You need to create an atmosphere around the product.
    Who is the company behind it? Why are they using this material?
    People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion." - Ralph Furter

    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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