My old/new Universal Tricompax

Thread: My old/new Universal Tricompax

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    My old/new Universal Tricompax

    Hi to everybody, I'm writing to submit a restoration of a chronograph Universal Tricompax cal.287.
    The existing goldplate was so ruined that we have opted to sandblast and replating with a new color solution (pink gold). We choose this color of gold becouse
    in our opinion it is the best for harmonize with the "anglage" of the chronograph parts. We changed the balance bridge becouse it was damaged,with another
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    Re: My old/new Universal Tricompax

    Golly...That is quite a transformation. I would have looked at that and thought it was too far gone...

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    Re: My old/new Universal Tricompax

    Indeed - nice work.

    The Tricompax is a very desirable watch - we'd like to see it when its finished too.
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