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    My Omega Hummer

    Today I was out running some errands. One was to go to a local Indianapolis jewelry store that has 5 full time watch makers on staff. My Omega hummer had stopped humming and I thought I would take a chance to see if anyone at their store worked on them. This store has everything from Patek Philippe to Tissot watches. Their staff is one of the nicest bunch of people. I am uncomfortable in jewelry stores and that is important to me.

    Anyway, one of their sales people came up to me to ask if I needed help. I told him that my hummer was dead to the world and asked if maybe one of their watchmakers might look at it. He took it back to where the watchmakers work and came out to me and told me that none of their people could do work on it. I explained to him that I bought it because I am a musician (violinist and violist) and that the pitch the tuning fork gave off was about an A 440. That's the pitch that string players and orchestral players tune to.

    He went back to the watchmaker and back out in about 15 minutes with the watch in hand. He told me that the watchmaker put a new battery in and that it was running. He told me that there is a watchmaker in Indiana (Kokomo) that did work on Bulovas Accutrons, but servicing one of those usually costs about $300.00 or more.

    I asked him how much I owed him. He looked at me and said "...there is a box by the door for a certain charity. Put $5.00 in it." I was a bit confused and I said okay, but again asked him how much I owed him. He kind of chuckled and said just put $5.00 in the charity box and that would be payment enough. I still thought I misunderstood him, but he said that that is what the watchmaker wanted to charge.

    Well I shook his hand and thanked him and put the $5.00 in the charity box. I have done business with them in the past and I have to tell you again how nice they are and how comfortable they make me feel everytime I come into their store. If you live close to Indianapolis and want a great watch that can be serviced by one of their own technicians, try Reis Nichols. They have made me a life long customer with their goodwill.

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    Re: My Omega Hummer

    Nice to hear this

    Which Omega hummer have you got???

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    Re: My Omega Hummer

    Great story Chris! I'm a violinist too, maybe I should pick one up.

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    Re: My Omega Hummer

    Great story. Its always good to hear feel good stories where people are not trying to rip you off over something simple.

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